“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. “– Pablo Picasso

ARTIFACTORY was born out of a need - A need to use art to provide relief from mundane, boring, and apparently meaningless life and transform the human experience into something wonderful, exciting, and meaningful as Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

It is an endeavour to promote art in an ‘everyday’ context - an initiative to promote art as a visual medium in harmony with the built environment evolving from the need of integrating Art with Architecture thereby providing the end user a wholesome experience of his habitat.

The interpretation of art in architecture and design is subjective and we provide a platform for our clients to experience and discover the unique blend of art, design and technology in everyday objects.


ARTIFACTORY was launched in August 2014 by Mr. Vikram, an Architect graduated from School of Architecture, CEPT, Ahmedabad. His interests saddle Architecture, Interior & Furniture Design and Art. His quest for affordable Art led to the creation of ARTIFACTORY, a one stop solution for wall hung art, murals and installations. The ‘factory’ currently caters to Architects and Designers in Chennai. ARTIFACTORY is now headed by Ms. Lakshmi (Interior Designer & Project Manager), and is well-supported in its design as well as manufacturing endeavours by various designers and artists.


ARTIFACTORY caters to both the residential and commercial markets (hospitality, corporate and Institutional ) with a variety of products including sketches, paintings, murals, sculpture and installations in various media.

ARTIFACTORY makes artworks using different media ranging from metals such as stainless steel, mild steel, brass, aluminium and copper to other materials such as stone, glass, wood, vinyl, paper, etc. Depending on the demand and theme of the project, ARTIFACTORY works with various different materials, but considers working with metals – especially stainless steel.